Step 1 – Maturity Scan

In order to determine the status quo and the needs, the project partners have developed a questionnaire that can now be completed by the companies. This gives participants an indication of how strongly they are positioned in the areas of "digital marketing" and "international". The needs analysis is non-binding and takes only a few minutes. At the end, each participant receives a "Maturity Scan", created on the basis of their individual data.
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Step 2 – Interviews & Clusters

Subsequently, the project partners plan to deepen the topics and concerns from the needs analysis in the form of interviews together with all interested companies. The results obtained in this way will be actively incorporated into the design of the cross-border workshops.

Step 3 – Coaching

Business case

The companies are individually coached by experts to define a concrete action plan. They join a network of euregional entrepreneurs and have access to learning tools.

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