Workshop series 4 - “Customs control, value added tax control, and export control for cross-national activities”

Do you want to set up your company internationally and operate across borders? Then you will inevitably have to deal with issues such as customs, turnover tax and export control. Because in the cross-border movement of goods and services, not only the applicable customs tariffs and tax rates must be observed, but also the country-specific export control regulations. A false declaration can lead to penalties and financial losses.

In our handbook, experts summarise the challenges companies face and the measures you should take to act in a legally secure manner. They address the following topics, among others:

-     VAT: What are the differences in VAT when selling goods and services to other countries?
-     Customs tariffs and customs procedures: How does the movement of goods between different countries work and which customs tariffs and procedures should be observed?
-     Export control regulations: What regulations apply to the export of goods and services and how can you ensure that you comply with them?
-     Origin of goods and preferences: What benefits and simplifications can companies benefit from when trading with foreign companies?

Learn here how to successfully plan and implement your cross-border activities.


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